About Rainmaker

We have been working on making safe drinking water possible, for impossible places, since 2016. In our Manufacturing and Research & Development departments, located in Rotterdam, we work tirelessly on our solutions with a dedicated engineering and sales team. In Rotterdam, our machines are manufactured and assembled, tested, and shipped worldwide, after location-specific optimizations.

The challenge:

Today, more than 800 million people live without access to a source of safe drinking water. Fresh water is unevenly distributed around the world. Many regions are structurally in deficit, including North Africa, the Middle East, India, Mexico, large parts of South America, and many islands. Those regions are in need of solutions that provide fresh drinking water on site.

Our solutions:

Our technologies offer a sustainable and affordable solution to produce safe drinking water. With the Air-to-Water units, fresh water is produced from the air, by means of condensation. The Water-to-Water machines convert non-potable water (waste, salt, polluted, gray, or brackish) into safe drinking water.

Both technologies can be powered by wind or solar energy. In addition, it is possible to connect these units to the grid and/or a generator.

Rainmaker’s technologies:

Rainmaker’s mission is to produce safe drinking water in those, even remote, locations. With our solutions, we produce fresh drinking water at the lowest cost per liter, compared to other commercially available technologies.


Rainmaker’s Air-to-Water technology uses humidity to extract water from the air to give communities access to clean water. The system is mobile, easily scalable, and quick to deploy, even in remote areas.

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State-of-the-art desalination system to deliver clean potable water out of seawater, brackish and/or polluted groundwater. The system is mobile, easily scalable, and quick to deploy, even in remote areas.

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