Official Launch Air-to-Water

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Making drinking water from air

The innovative Rotterdam company Rainmaker makes windmills to produce cheap, clean drinking water from air or salt water. This technology has now reached the point where Rainmaker will deliver the first units to customers in Morocco, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

Newly raised financing makes further growth possible

In order to make further upscaling possible, Rainmaker attracted new financing at the beginning of this year from, among others, I-cos, in which the municipality of Rotterdam participates. The company now also receives a capital injection of approximately EUR 2.4 million from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program of the European Innovation Council (EU). This contribution is intended for the introduction of a second product line, with which drinking water is produced in a sustainable way from polluted water.

Rainmaker machines are produced in the port of Rotterdam and delivered to places in the world where drinking water is not available or only at very high prices or where there is no water infrastructure. With the Rainmaker installations, local and "stand-alone" drinking water can be produced from water in the air via condensation ("air-to-water") or from polluted water via evaporation ("water-to-water"). The products are based on unique knowledge and technology with which it is possible to produce water in the cheapest possible way, 5 to 10 times cheaper than the price for which drinking water is available in those areas.